Problems can easily be fixed once you understand where the horse is coming from.   If you approach each problem with love and compassion you will find the horse will be more willing to work with you.  In the end you want to have an equal partnership, where you can both grow and learn together.

    I have worked with enough horses to know that, unless you take the time to understand your horses phobias and fears, you are putting yourself in great danger. 


    I work with horses that have the following issues:

    • Loading and traveling

    • Shoeing (Handling the legs and feet)

    • Clipping

    • Catching

    • Tacking up

    • Riding (Rearing, Bucking, bolting, napping)

    • Nervousness

    • Head Shy

    • Leading (In hand work)

    • etc.

    Costs + Travel fees:

    Each Session @ £180 for 1:30hrs to 2hrs