Soulful Horsemanship is about love, compassion and empathy, towards yourself and the horse.  


    We spend a lot of money going to gym, keeping our bodies healthy, but what about our minds? Our minds are left to wonder and worry.  We get stressed and anxious and forget about what really matters.  So we take time out,  we spend time at the yard, go on holidays and sometimes we even eat ourselves happy.  But if we cant find peace we struggle with the outside world, trying to make sense of it, we even put our horses under unnecessary pressure to achieve goals, that we think will make us happy.


    A horse is a wonderful creature, they have the ability to uncover the truth, to show you who you really are, they reflect how you feel inside.  Horses are our best teachers.   They have a wonderful way of communicating and when you quieten your mind and pay attention, it can be one of the most rewarding moments in life. 

    My goal is to teach horse owners a kinder way to training horses.


    'The energy we put out is the  energy we get back.

    If you want more love in your life, your intention should be more loving,  if you seek kindness, focus your energy on empathy and compassion and if you find you are surrounded by angry people look no further at the resentment you hold in your own heart.'  Oprah